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 YO - FIT brings physical education and nutrition programs back to elementary schools, middle schools and after school programs.

                 Youth Operation Fitness In Training, Inc.       
YO- FIT is a tax - exempt non - profit 501 (c) 3 organization and was Established in 2011

Our programs also provide parents and children with strong defenses against obesity, environmental risk factors by providing healthy choices, exercise and physical activities which will lead to a healthy lifestyle, appropriate skills development for personal growth, family enhancement, and increased interpersonal communication.

We strive to enhance self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. 
We provide fitness, balance diet information, mentoring, tutoring and enrichment to poor at-risk youth, with an assured opportunity for fitness and higher education. With a particular concern for underserved, poor at risk and obese youths, we work to improve the conditions for all children.

On a Daily Basis we are:
Bringing Physical Education Back to   Elementary and Middle Schools        

Conducting After School Programs

Working with Youth Gyms

Educational Health Programs

Youth Sports & Competitions

Healthy Lifestyles for Youths

Exercising Fitness Training & Coaching


Yo! Let's Get Fit!

Please help us bring Physical Education Back to the Schools.

Join Us today in creating a YO! FIT generation!


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Youth Operation Fitness in Training, Inc.  (Yo –Fit)

PO BOX 8993

Coral Spring, FL 33075

Phone (954) 818-3709

Fax: (954) 840-6746



501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization

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